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Web Design

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Done For You Web Design packages to help grow your business

We understand that when you’re running a small business you haven’t got the time to keep on top of your website. 

That’s why we’ve created our done for you affordable website packages.

Our affordable web design packages are designed to save you time so you can concentrate on your businesses. We’ll keep your website updated, keep making sure it gets recognised by google with monthly search engine optimisation tasks, add or change anything on your website and set you up with your own email account.

All to give you the peace of mind that your website is performing and in tip-top shape.

All our websites are built on our state-of-the-art platform, so you can be certain you’re getting a fast site with the reliability and our support built-in.

Our Proposal

After our first conversation, we’ll provide you with a web design proposal document that will give you an idea of what to expect from and an overview of the timelines involved.

If you decide we’re the right fit for you, we’ll then move onto a discovery session. 



Our document aim to:-

  • Provide you with an overview of your project
  • Detail the scope of your project
  • give you an estimated price for your project

Our Discovery Sessions

Our Discovery sessions are in-depth discussions where we find out all about your business and your aims and objectives in detail. 

We’ll go over any questions you may have and get some key information from you so that the project doesnt get delayed.

Sessions normally last at least an hour and half so please ensure you have enough time.


During the session we’ll:-

  • Ask you lots of questions about your business
  • What you see success as
  • Give you the opportunity to ask questions
  • Decide on a domain name.


Once we’ve got all the information from you we’ll design your website using Adobe XD. We start with wireframes and then we prototype.

At the end of each section we’ll review our designs together and you can give feedback, we’ll then make any changes to design


We spend lots of time in this area to make sure we get things just right-

  • Wireframes will be made to give you the general idea of layout
  • Prototypes will then be made so you have an interactive mockup of your website. opportunity to ask questions


Once you’ve singed off your prototypes we’ll then build your website on our state of the art platform. 

Once we’ve done the initial build you’ll get a chance to review where we’re at and make any last minute changes. 

Once the build is done we’ll test your site to make sure everything is working as expected and agree a go live date.


When we build your website we’ll use the information from the prototypes to bring everything to life-

  • Web Pages will be built
  • Third party integrations will be set up
  • Your Website will go through our strict Quality Assurance process.


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