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Cheap Domains

We have dozens of domains at extensions at ultra-low prices. What’s more, we’ll never hike the prices when you come to renew your domain.

As with our hosting packages, you’ll get a feature-rich control panel. We also offer affordable web hosting packages and complete web design services.

Hide your contact details

Anyone buying a domain name from any provider is required to provide correct contact details which are then added to the public, globally accessible WHOIS database. This information is often used by third parties for spam, scams, and selling on. You can prevent your contact details from being listed in this way with our Domain Privacy service.

If you’re buying any .UK domain name (ending .uk,,, and you’re a non-trading individual, you can hide your contact details from public view for free from your control panel.

Registering a domain name with another extension? We’ll show secured contact details instead of yours when you add our Domain Privacy service to your domain name.