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Cheap Web Hosting for small businesses

Our web hosting services for small business give you the best technology for a low affordable price to fit a small business budget. Unlike other web hosts, we don’t charge extra for daily backups or custom email addresses and we offer a free SSL certificate.

We’re pleased to be able to offer a range of hosting types with unmetered bandwidth, offer domain names to go along with your hosting plan and complete web design services.

If you need any help at any time we’re able to offer UK based customer support by logging support tickets on our helpdesk or chat support and we have a range of site security measures to help keep your site secure.

All of our business plans are easily scalable, and flexible. You can upgrade or downgrade your web hosting plan at anytime to fit small business changes.

Already have a website?

We offer a free site migration service where we’ll move your business website across to our hosting solution so you can sit back and relax.

WordPress Hosting Plans

We’ve developed our own hosting platform just for WordPress websites, ensuring you get a robust, secure hosting environment that caters to the content management system’s every need.

Our state-of-art platform uses advanced load-balancing, SSD storage as standard, superfast StackCache caching, clever database handling, automatic updates, and high quality hardware throughout means you get consistently excellent speeds your visitors will love.

Our hosting is designed to scale as your website grows, meaning the same great performance no matter how popular you get.

Key Facts

  • A powerful platform specifically built for WordPress hosting
  • Optimised speed and security
  • Automatically Updated WordPress core
  • Secure, state of the art UK Data Centre
  • Friendly UK based Customer Support
  • Feature-rich control panel
  • Starts with 20GB Disk Space
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Business email accounts
  • Cloud hosting platform
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Our Starter plan is £11.99 per month

Linux Hosting Plans

Our high-powered Linux platform is ideal for running everything from Joomla! to Magento, so if you like your software you’ll love this platform.

If you’re not sure what kind of hosting you need or what kind of website you want, Linux is the best choice. It’s fantastic out of the box, but we’ve made it even better.

Optimised Apache with NGINX Edge Cache: we’ve fine-tuned Linux’s Apache and created our own superfast caching system so your website always runs at its best. It’s the perfect foundation to grow your website.

70+ one-click installs: choose from a wide range of powerful free software titles and install them in seconds. With everything from invoicing to project management covered, you can install as many as you like as use them as much as you want. You can also install the world’s most popular content management systems and ecommerce software to create feature-rich websites at no extra cost.

Multiple Programming Languages: our Linux platform allows you to make use of 6 different versions of PHP, ensuring, greater flexibility for your website, frameworks, and scripts.

Key Facts

  • 70+ one-click installs to choose from
  • Eliminate lengthy installation processes
  • No coding required
  • Secure, state of the art UK data centre
  • Friendly UK based customer support
  • Feature  Rich control panel
  • Prices from £18.99 per month
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Windows Hosting Plans

Our Windows Platform
When you’re building websites using Windows languages, technologies, and software, you need a platform that can handle the workload. We’ve designed a solid Windows platform to meet all your web hosting needs.

Always up to date: we use only the latest Windows hosting technology for our platform to ensure you’re always benefiting from the latest features and improvements. Many hosts avoid this because of the resources and costs involved, but we believe in giving you the best for your website.

Optimised IIS performance: rather than using Windows as-is, we’ve tweaked IIS to give you enhanced website performance, ensuring better page speeds, happier visitors, and support for all ASP and ASP.NET languages from 2.0 onwards.

Key Facts

  • Always Up to Date
  • Tweaked IIS
  • Feature Rich
  • Control Panel
  • Support for ASP and ASP.NET
  • Secure, state of the art UK data centre
  • Friendly UK support
  • Prices from £18.99 per month

VPS Hosting

Our Managed VPS plans provide dedicated resources in a versatile and easy-to-use website hosting package. Making use of website-optimised software, they’re built on cutting-edge hardware.

With a range of different sizes, our VPS are suitable for just a single website, right up to hundreds of sites – or multiple large resource-intensive ecommerce sites.

Running a Managed VPS is easy – All management and maintenance of your virtual private server is done for you, so you can get on with running your website(s).

No need to worry about core software or operating system updates: concentrate on improving your site(s).

Feature Rich Control panel – Our control panel makes website management tasks a pleasure, not a chore. There are no licence fees, no matter the number of websites you host on your VPS.

Our control panel has a clean design with all the features you need at your fingertips. Plus, it’s responsive so you can use it on any device.

You can manage all aspects of your web hosting with your control panel. Transfer files, manage databases and email, and a whole lot more.

Great for developers – Developers love our Managed VPS.

You can run Python WSGI apps, .NET Core and Node JS, and you can set up permanent processes. Tools that make coding easy, like Drush, Git and WP CLI are available through SSH. Whatever your website project, our Managed VPS gives the resources you need.

Unlimited cloud email – Use as much email as you’d like, and it won’t eat-in to your VPS resources. That’s because email services are hosted separately on different servers. So you get all the power of your VPS devoted to your website(s).

Free CDN – All Managed VPS come with a free, fully-featured Content Delivery Network that will make your websites load quickly, globally.

Security-focused – Security features include daily and on-demand malware scans, a 1 Tbps+ DDoS shield, free SSL certificates, brute-force login protection and two-factor authentication (2FA). Our VPS team manages all core software security patches for you.

Free backups – All your data is backed-up every day, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, you can create backups yourself, quickly and easily, from within your control panel any time.

Free website apps – Over 70 ‘one-click install’ website applications which will make it fast and easy to create professional websites. Includes WordPress, Magento, Joomla!, Matomo, Media Wiki & many more.

Fast deployment – Your Managed VPS will be up and running in a minute – jump in and start managing your web hosting right away!

Key Facts

  • Generous Memory and Superfast Processors
  • Enhanced speed and security
  • 100% SSD (solid state drive) storage
  • Free CDN
  • Secure, state-of-the-art UK data centre
  • Backups
  • Feature rich control panel
  • VPS Plan prices from £29.99

Tech Specs

Our data centre is kitted out with premium hardware and the latest and greatest security and environmental technologies. With technicians onsite 24/7 every day of the year and a resilient national network for ultimate reliability, you can rest assured that your websites are safe with us.

We’ve invested heavily in our hardware to ensure optimal performance and a faultless design with no single point of failure. Each server has Dual Intel Xeon Scalable 12-core processors with hyper-threading, presenting 48 logical cores and 64GB DDR4 RAM.  All MySQL and MSSQL databases are hosted on the same type of Intel Xeon servers, but with 192GB RAM and SSD storage. 

We’ve developed an incredibly resilient high performance storage platform utilising 100% SSD storage arrays in a RAID 10 configuration, with battery-backed hardware RAID cards. Storage arrays are then replicated across multiple servers so in the highly unlikely event that disks, arrays, or entire servers fail there will be no downtime or impact to your site. We take daily data backups, which are stored at a secured offsite facility. We also run our own bespoke Web Application Firewall that continually monitors and filters out threatening requests before they can even target your website.