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What does Image Optimization for Websites mean?

image optimzation

There is no doubt that images are an essential part of any website. They can enhance the user experience, create a more compelling design and even help with getting found in Search Engines. However, if not done correctly, they can also harm your website’s performance. Image optimization should be a priority for every website owner […]

Does a Website Redesign effect SEO?

Website Redesign

In short, the answer is yes. Any redesign will effect search engine rankings because you’ll be editing content on a webpage that has been indexed. This means you’ll need to consider the impact of changes such as new URL structure, page titles, meta descriptions, and redirects when embarking on a redesign project to ensure that […]

How to see my Google reviews

Google reviews

Google reviews are an excellent way for business owners to get customer feedback. They can also help potential customers learn more about a business before they visit or purchase. To find google reviews, business owners can search for their business name on or google maps. If there are any google reviews for the business, […]

How Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works for small businesses


As a small business owner, you want to make sure that many people see your website. Websites are a cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts and are usually one of the first ways someone will interact with you and your small business. People who are potential customers need to be able to find your site. […]

What are Website Backlinks and Why Are They Important for Website SEO?

lady looking for backlinks for SEO

Backlinks are simply the word given to when someone else’s website has a link to your website. They’re important to have as google looks to serve its users with useful content. Simply if you have lots of links, google thinks that the content is beneficial and will then start to return your page in peoples […]