Bespoke websites are the perfect solution for small businesses. They are bespoke because they are tailored to your specific needs, which means you get a website that is just right for you including all the functionality you need. This blog post will explain what bespoke websites are and why every small business should have one!

Why a Bespoke Website?

Your website is your online catalogue, your shop window, and the first impression of what it is like to be in business with you. It needs to look professional but also reflect who you are as a brand (that’s bespoke!). Every small business should have its own bespoke website because it can make an impact on how customers and visitors perceive both them and their products.

Unlike Facebook pages or an Instagram store, a website allows you complete control over your content. A bespoke website will allow you to tell the story of your business, show what makes you different and why customers should buy from you above all others.

Bespoke websites also give small businesses an opportunity to promote themselves on a platform that is more stable than social media sites or blogs.

How to create a Website

You can use providers such as Yell, or Wix to build your website but mostly these sites use templates and you can’t add bespoke features (for example if your business changes direction and needs a new landing page).

A bespoke website will cost more than these sites but it is much better value for money in the long term. You need to ask yourself: “What do I want my website to accomplish?” and then pick a provider that caters for your needs now and how you’d like your business to grow in future.

You can of course create a website yourself. This is the best way to make sure you get exactly what you want but it does come with a learning curve and if things go wrong your site could be down for weeks while someone fixes it. That could cost more too as someone will have to unravel what you’ve done.

Hiring a professional to design your website although may cost more in the short term it will save you in the long term, the bespoke website you create will be a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool.

Marketing and Tracking

As any business grows you’ll probably start to spend on advertising, driving traffic to your website and making it visible to search engines.

The bespoke website you create will allow you easily add, change and track content so your site is always fresh and reflects the latest services or products you offer.

When used as part of a marketing campaign bespoke websites can be an extremely powerful tool for getting new business, and you can track the success of any advertising campaign by adding analytics to your website.

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