Small Business CRM Solutions: Finding the Right Fit

Utilizing online platforms to interact with customers and promote sales through social media.

Every small business owner knows that staying afloat means wearing multiple hats. In the sea of tools and technology, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can be lifesavers for small businesses but are often overlooked as a big business tool.

Facebook Pixel: A Powerful Tool for Small Businesses

Meta business Suite

As a small business owner that advertises on Facebook, you might have heard of the term ‘Facebook Pixel’ tossed around in when you’ve been adding your ads to your account. But what exactly is it? Why should you care? And how can it help your business grow? In this article, I’ll try to explain in […]

Griffin Group Management

Griffin Group Management

Griffin Group Management Security needs covered. Griffin Group Management, a new security company approached us to create them a new website. Whilst Griffin had been around in various guises before, the brand now needed to be at the forefront for the launch of the new company. Project Details The Challenge As a brand new professional […]

Demystifying Malware: A Simple Guide for Small Business Owners


In this day and age it’s as if our businesses live in two worlds: one physical and the other virtual. Just like in real life your business is vulnerable to online threats in the virtual world. Imagine your online business space as a shop on a bustling high street. When you’ve finished for the night […]

Web Design Packages Vs Just paying for a Website Design

Business owner researching

On the internet, your website is your storefront, a way to showcase your products and services. It’s usually the first impression potential customers have of your business, making it a critical component of your marketing strategy no matter how big or small your business is. When looking around for a website as a business, there […]

Harding And Green

Harding and Green Navy Logo

Harding And Green Hand made solid oak dog beds John from Harding and Green approached TTOY Digital to help them build a new website to showcase and their hand made dog beds.  Scope: Industry: Location: Year: The Challenge Harding and Green are a brand new start up in the making high quality dog beds made […]

What does Image Optimization for Websites mean?

image optimzation

There is no doubt that images are an essential part of any website. They can enhance the user experience, create a more compelling design and even help with getting found in Search Engines. However, if not done correctly, they can also harm your website’s performance. Image optimization should be a priority for every website owner […]

Finesse Brides

finesse logo

Finesse Brides A Boutique Bridalwear shop in Clay Cross, Derbyshire Finesses Brides is a bridal boutique in Clay Cross, Derbyshire. Debbie already had a website that had rarely been changed because of its complexity since is go live years a go and wanted it bringing up to date.  Scope: Industry: Location: Year: The Challenge As […]

Common Security Issues with WordPress & How to Mitigate Them

Wordpress Security

From our website, you can probably see that we use WordPress as our content management system of choice to build all of our websites. The reason we use WordPress is that it’s one of the most popular website platforms in the world, but its widespread popularity can also leave websites vulnerable to malicious attacks. What […]

Does a Website Redesign effect SEO?

Website Redesign

In short, the answer is yes. Any redesign will effect search engine rankings because you’ll be editing content on a webpage that has been indexed. This means you’ll need to consider the impact of changes such as new URL structure, page titles, meta descriptions, and redirects when embarking on a redesign project to ensure that […]