What is the WordPress Admin Dashboard?


If you have a website based on WordPress, you have two parts: the front end and the WordPress admin dashboard. The front end of WordPress is the bit that your website visitors see, your web pages. Everything else, such as webpage updates, posting a new blog post, adding new products or updating plugins, is done […]

How to see my Google reviews

Google reviews

Google reviews are an excellent way for business owners to get customer feedback. They can also help potential customers learn more about a business before they visit or purchase. To find google reviews, business owners can search for their business name on google.com or google maps. If there are any google reviews for the business, […]

Monthly Maintenance Schedule 2022

Website maintenance

For our customers on our DFY or one of our Maintenance plans to keep your website up to date and running smoothly, we perform several maintenance tasks, usually on the first weekend every month. These tasks will include:- Updating plugins Optimising databases Clearing caches Link Checks Translation updates WordPress Updates Any urgent security updates are […]

Do Websites need maintenance?

Website Maintenance

Over time a website will start to go wrong if not looked after properly. So what does website maintenance mean? The easiest way to explain it is to think of your website as a car. You must do lots of things to keep your car running and on the road so it’s safe to drive. […]

WordPress: What is it?


All the websites we build are built on a platform called WordPress. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create a website without much technical knowledge.  It is one of the most popular CMSs today; about one in four websites are WordPress websites.  We use WordPress because it’s easy to use, […]

What is a web hosting company?

Web Hosting

A web host company is a specialist company that lets companies and people store their websites on its computers (also called servers), allowing access to people over the internet. A web host typically has huge computers (also called servers stored in a building called a data centre) connected to the Internet 24/hours a day, 365 […]

What does a good small business website look like?

small business website

All websites are different. All companies are different. All good business websites have things in common with other good websites though.  In this article, we’ll look at what all business websites have in common and give you a few ideas of what you could implement on your website to help covert convert potential customers into […]

TTOY Digital Welcomes Horsley Village Hall

Horsley Village Hall

We’re proud to announce our latest website launch. We’ve worked with David and Jane to create a beautiful new website that showcases the Halls facilities and gives details on upcoming events for both the hall and its regular users. Take a look https://horsleyvillagehall.co.uk If you’d like to know more about our web design packages you […]

Domain names, what are they?

Domain names are used every day, whether you realise it or not. If you’re looking for a website for your company, you’ll have seen a mention of the term domain name. If you’re new to the world of websites, you might not know what it is. It’s important to remember that a domain name is […]

How Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works for small businesses


As a small business owner, you want to make sure that many people see your website. Websites are a cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts and are usually one of the first ways someone will interact with you and your small business. People who are potential customers need to be able to find your site. […]