Cookie Basics: Everything You Should Know About Internet Cookies

cookies on laptop

Internet cookies, akin to bookmarks in a vast digital library, help websites remember users and their preferences. Originating in 1994 to maintain user sessions, they now play a pivotal role in our browsing experiences. This article delves into the types of cookies—first-party, third-party, session, persistent, and secure—their implementation, uses, and privacy implications. As a website owner, understanding these aspects is vital for managing data responsibly and complying with privacy laws, ensuring a balance between convenience and personal data control.

Demystifying Malware: A Simple Guide for Small Business Owners


In this day and age it’s as if our businesses live in two worlds: one physical and the other virtual. Just like in real life your business is vulnerable to online threats in the virtual world. Imagine your online business space as a shop on a bustling high street. When you’ve finished for the night […]

Common Security Issues with WordPress & How to Mitigate Them

Wordpress Security

From our website, you can probably see that we use WordPress as our content management system of choice to build all of our websites. The reason we use WordPress is that it’s one of the most popular website platforms in the world, but its widespread popularity can also leave websites vulnerable to malicious attacks. What […]